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  • Q Do you have after-sale service? If I purchase your products, what after-sale guarantee you can make?

    A We promise that all cabinet products have a 1-year free warranty period, 10-year warranty period and lifetime maintenance guarantee. With high configuration and affordable price, what we provide to you is a one-stop service, from the free measuring service before the sale, to the three-dimensional renderings of the furniture layout of the whole house (with the example explanation of the renderings), to the overall after-sales Follow up to save you time, money and worry.
  • Q Are your products easily deformed?

    A There are three main reasons for product deformation: the quality of the main material is not up to standard, the main material is deformed due to moisture, and the design is unreasonable. We are using the high-end engineering special material; the mold design and wall thickness even exceed national standards.
    Our aluminum products can withstand decades of wind and sun without deformation, same as the aluminum of the doors and windows. It is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, water-resistant and fire-resistant. In addition, our product has gone through tens of thousands of tests and practices, so there's no concern on quality problems. Therefore, you can choose Luveins products with complete confidence.
  • Q Can you make the plan directly for me? I'm okay to give you floor plan right now?

    A Door-to-door measurement is one of our pre-sale services. In the past, when consumers bought furniture, the style and home decoration were often inconsistent, and the size was not suitable. This service we provide allows consumers to predict the effect of placing furniture in your own home and greatly reduces the risk of buying. If you simply send out drawings, these details we referred will not be visible.
    In addition, the lighting and orientation of the house cannot be seen, and result in drawings will be inaccurate. Only through face-to-face communication can your ideas be conveyed more accurately and more in line with the needs of the house. In this way, the plan will be more accurate. I believe you also want the furniture have its own personality in your home. Face-to-face communication can we understand the living habits, preferences and other needs of you and your family, so that the solution will be more in line with your wishes.
  • Q I’m looking for renovate company, your products cannot reach my need. They can do all works for me, why do I choose Luveins?

    A Please be aware that our team is making the design for the entire house, not the partly space. The plan we given isn’t just for the furniture, it also includes the interior finish of your house and the layout of home furnishing in order to achieve the coordinated and unified effect finally. You will be able to see the final effect of the house and receive a renovate plan, your space utilization will be increased by more than 30% according to our past data.
    Some of our previous customers shared that they only thought about decoration before, and when the construction started, the interior furnish was too much over budget and leads financial pressure. So, you can plan it in advance, you can see what decor items are going to appear in your home in the future, and get closer to your ideal appearance well.
    Don’t wait, take your time and make appointment with us!
  • Q Why do we have to choose the customized products? I’m still in considering.

    A Without the renderings of furniture design and reasonable planning and design, there will be a huge gap between the cost budget and the actual effect. The equipment is crude, the workmanship cannot meet higher requirements, while the after-sales service is not guaranteed.
    When buying a finished product, you need to choose and match the style by yourself. We all know that the size of finished products is fixed, it's difficult to find the suitable one and the space utilization won't be high.
    However, if you choose customize products, the result will be different. We can customize according to your needs, and the space can be more fully utilized, so that the style of the home is harmonious and unified. Furniture quality and after-sales service are more guaranteed.
  • Q How's your furniture? Is the furniture eco-friendly?

    A Our Luveins has made the innovation on the aluminium profiles, and we are pleasure to find out that the application in aluminium furniture is changing the environmental concerns of other materials facing. Our R&D team make full use of the characteristics of aluminum materials such as zero formaldehyde, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance to achieve new upgrades of home products.
  • Q I think the furniture will be available to consider until we finish the indoor decoration, is that suitable?

    A In fact, our team suggest you do a good job in the layout design and planning of the furniture, before starting to renovate. In the past, we usually renovated first and then configured the furniture, which turned out the result that there are restrictions on the purchase and placement of furniture, you might figure out it's very troublesome to change it until then.
    As long as your house layout haven’t been changed, you can ask the designer to make a plan first. Not only can you see the effect of furniture placement, but you can also make an overall style matching plan such as ceilings, walls, and floors in advance, which enable you to make full use of the space, reserve the location of water and electricity, and reasonably match the decoration. Those advanced preparation can help you avoid the troubles of re-decoration, but also understand the budget list, lightly control the furniture budget and reduce additional expenses.
  • Q Are you supplying standard sizes of windows, doors or customized products?

    A Both are available. We have our own designed series, and we also supply customized products for lots of end customers, developers and builders.
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