Fours factors you must choose aluminum products
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Fours factors you must choose aluminum products

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The first one is environmental factor. Under the formaldehyde, moisture, and sun exposure, there's no doubt that your luxurious home will disappear after period of time. Luckily you meet our Luveins and realise the benefits of aluminum products, all-aluminum balcony cabinets are waterproof and heat-resistant.

Secondly, we need to ensure the decoration products are not prone to rust like the iron balcony cabinets, nor are they prone to mold and deformation like solid wood cabinets, nor are they prone to insect infestation.

The most important thing is that the material is green and environmentally friendly.  For example, the man-made boards need to use a lot of adhesives and may cause excessive formaldehyde release every minute, and endanger the health of residents furtherly. We believe that the healthy of the whole family is the primary point, a warm and safe home will the best gift you could make to the family.

Lastly, if the balcony cabinet is made of all aluminum, its performance is very stable and sturdy. The all aluminum balcony cabinet is made of aluminum material, which is not easily corroded by water vapor and has a longer lifespan than the board. If waterproofing is not done well, even expensive solid wood boards, ecological boards with good resistance, European pine boards, etc. will become moldy and deformed, which is dwarfed by metal.


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