The Changing Market: A new trend of Aluminum Furniture
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The Changing Market: A new trend of Aluminum Furniture

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The Customized High-end Furniture exhibition was ended in 16th March, Luveins has served large number of visitors from interior design and furnishing company.  For some visitors, it is a new try to apply aluminum alloy into the furniture. 

In some northern cities, the usage life of wooden furniture has been shorten a lot, due to the dark and damp environment. Therefore, aluminum furniture has became a great choice to furnish basement, kitchen and even for outdoors. Luveins aluminum furniture is assembled by cliping, aluminum sheet and panel are original made by our own factory, the whole process are monitored by Luveins team. 

Currently Luveins is looking for dealer and retailer from different countries. We have own design team to serve, or the factory could produce following your drawing. 

Luveins has the best offers for you, the discount could up to 40% for first 10 partners. Press "contact us " and leave your message. Our team will respond within 2 hours. 


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