Furniture Exhibition on Shanghai, China
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Furniture Exhibition on Shanghai, China

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2024 China Construction Exhibition (Shanghai) 

Exhibition No: 5.1D328

Date: March 13th-16th, 2024

With months preparation, China construction exhibition comes on time. Our Luveins team include setup team, sales team, our design and technology staff  will all in Shanghai waiting for your coming. 

Luveins will show out the furniture include kitchen cabinet(include island type) , closet, wine cabinet, display cabinet. And our design team will bring 11 personalized colors to our consumers, such as Cherry wood, malachite green. Malachite green is actually the most color we would like to recommend to you, it is one of popular colors for the fabrication of wardrobe. 

Leave your message to us, we will showout our malachite green products online. 

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