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Kemet system doors and windows | Enjoy green energy-saving quality life

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Climate change is a global problem faced by mankind. With the emission of carbon dioxide in various countries, the greenhouse gas has soared, posing a threat to life systems. Extreme weather and climate events such as extreme high temperature, extreme low temperature, extreme drought, and extreme precipitation occur frequently.

Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral

In this context, all countries in the world are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by means of a global agreement. Therefore, my country has put forward the goals of 'carbon peaking' and 'carbon neutrality', and has committed to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and strive to achieve carbon dioxide emissions by 2060. achieve carbon neutrality.

What is energy saving?

Energy saving and emission reduction means saving energy and reducing energy consumption. 'Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China' refers to energy conservation (referred to as energy conservation), which refers to strengthening energy consumption management, adopting technically feasible, economically reasonable and environmentally and socially acceptable measures, from energy production to consumption. Reduce consumption, reduce losses and pollutant emissions, stop waste, and use energy efficiently and reasonably.

System doors and windows


The meaning of system doors and windows

System doors and windows are building doors and windows products developed through the door and window system, supported by a complete technical system, covering all technical aspects of doors and windows and passing strict quality control to achieve the set performance and quality indicators. Improve the optical properties, thermal properties and sealing properties of materials, improve the structure of doors and windows, and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction is much higher than that of ordinary doors and windows.


The significance of choosing system doors and windows

The carbon dioxide generated in human life is increasing every year, and the promotion of green buildings with energy saving and emission reduction is imminent. As an important part of the building envelope, doors and windows play an important role in energy saving. The area of doors and windows accounts for about one-seventh of the total area of the building, while the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for more than half of the energy consumption of buildings. The rational application of doors and windows is of great significance to the promotion of green buildings.

KEMET Door and Window Curtain Wall System (KEMET) - China's high-end door and window curtain wall system.

The fashionable, intelligent, green and high-quality brand products created by Kemet Company integrate the wisdom and technical refinement of the top European door and window experts;

It is the perfect combination of golf high-quality culture and high-end door and window system;

Has a design and development platform that leads the future trend and a huge professional team;

It stems from years of research on the domestic and foreign door and window markets, and is in line with the cultural and geographical climate characteristics of southern and northern China;

The products developed are of perfect quality and excellent performance;

Tailor-made for you, taste and touch every beauty around you!

Kemet Systems will launch new series of quality products one after another to continuously meet the needs of the market and consumers.   

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